Canada offers a great opportunity for all people. Not only having one of the most qualified education, but Canada also opens the door for those who would like to immigrate to Canada permanently. So, it’s very important to get approval for your study permit so that you can pave your road towards immigration. Also, for those who would like to academically grow, of course, you know, without having the approval of your study permit, you would not be able to achieve your goal.

Applying for a Canadian Study Permit

So how do you create a successful application? Of course, step one is you have to apply to a college or university of your liking and you’re planning to study and you have to get the acceptance letter from the education institute in Canada. Once you have your acceptance letter, you are going to put your application together. One of the most important factors to consider when you are putting your application is to provide a sufficient fund that can cover your cost of tuition fee in Canada as well as your basic necessities during your study.

Tuition Fees

The immigration board requires at least you have to show one year of coverage for fee as well as your expenses in Canada. So whether it is directly from your own pocket, or you have a support of your family or relatives, you have to show the clear documentation showing that that fund is available for your study. Keep in mind, when you are approved for your study permit and you start your study in Canada, you will be allowed to work for 20 hours per week during the study period and a full-time on your break, which helps students a lot.

Ties to Your Home Country

The second issue to consider is, because a study permit is temporary in nature, you have to convince the officer that you do have a great tie and sufficient tie in your country of origin. You have to prove that you are likely to go back once you complete your study. So how do you do that? You have to show whether it’s a familial tie, including your parents and your siblings and your spouse, children, whoever you have in your country of origin. You have to show that you have a reason to go back, because you have great family ties. On top of that, if you own any assets, independently or co-owned with your relatives or your parents, you can show that as additional support. Also, some people have a job offer available when they end up their study, they can go back. Whether it’s their old employer or a new employer that is willing to hire you at the end of your study, that would be a great, great proof for you to establish that you’ll go back at the end of your study.

So I hope your application is successful. If you have any question and need assistance from us, please contact us at VASISA.

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