When you are studying at the university level, you are likely to face many expenses and you wish to have an extra source of income. Maybe you have some work experience but maybe you have never had a job before. In either scenario, part time jobs are always an attractive option for college students who need to make some money while keeping enough free time in their schedules for studying.

The salary isn’t the only incentive for college students. In reality, all university students should aim to have at least one internship or job on their CV by the time they graduate. Building some on-the-ground work experience is absolutely vital. Employers will be impressed when they see that you were able to juggle being a student and being an employee at the same time.

So if you are looking for a part time job as a college student, there are many options for you to consider. Here are eight jobs that Bayt.com, the #1 Job Site in the Middle East, recommends for you:

1. Brand ambassador


If you have loads of energy, you love to talk to people, and you are interested in marketing and sales then this would be a great job for you. Being a brand ambassador is an amazing opportunity to build real work experience, handling products, interacting with customers, and generating sales. You will quickly develop transferable skills and will make a good amount of money.

2. Photographer


If you have the talent and passion for using a camera, then you may be able to land a part time job in photography. Check out your local event management agencies, your photography and printing shops, and maybe even your university offices and clubs. It is common to work in photography as a freelancer so do not rule out that option to make an income every now and then.

3. Teaching assistant


Maybe you are amazing at a certain subject and can help your neighbor’s kids who are struggling? Or maybe you have a college professor who is teaching an exciting course and you want to assist? Working as a teaching assistant, a tutor, or a private teacher is a great way to gain work experience while still being in an academic setting. You can easily apply what you are learning in school and simultaneously gain some pocket money.

4. Retail associate


Although working in retail can be hectic, it doesn’t require a whole load of experience and skills to get hired in this field. Working at your neighborhood’s clothing store or at the mall nearby is an easy option. You can build your experience in sales, customer care, and communication, and make some extra cash to manage your day to day expenses.

5. Host or server


There are many restaurants out there who are in constant need for service staff. Consider working as a host/hostess or a waiter/waitress while you are still studying in university. These jobs, although not highly-paid and demanding, can equip you with many business skills that you can easily apply to your future job. Working in restaurants is a unique and enriching experience that you should consider having.

6. Administrative assistant


Working at a local company in business administration is a great experience to add to your CV. Although such positions are more competitive, they often require minimum skills that you probably already have. You may even be able to work at a company or an organization that is very relevant to your education and to what you want to do after graduation.

7. Cashier


Many find this a not-so-glamorous job, but it can certainly help you pay for your transportation, books, and cell phone bills. Working as a cashier will help you learn more and develop skills in cash handling, customer service, and communication. Being a college student is often a plus for getting this type of job and you can certainly list it on your CV once you start applying to other jobs.

8. Intern


Yes, internships make the list! Even though they could be unpaid, internships will help you tremendously in building work experience, making professional connections, and preparing for employment after completing your studies. When hiring a fresh graduate, a CV with an internship will almost always win over a CV without an internship.

This article originally appeared in Bayt.com.

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