1. Tuition free education at all public universities in Germany

The government funds higher education in Germany and as such is it free of charge literally for both locals and international students alike. The higher education system in Germany consists of about 400 institutions, which is divided into public ‘tuition free’ institutions which accounts for 2.4 million students across Germany, and a small number of private institutions that enroll less than 5% of the total student population.

2. World-class staff members and Ultra-modern infrastructure
Three different types of institutions make up the higher education system in Germany. They are: Universities, Universities of applied sciences
Technical, art, film and music colleges. Many public universities in Germany are very old, dating back to the middle ages. This bars a significant tradition of qualitative education and famous names in various academic disciplines.

3. Globally recognized degrees
Universities in Germany now all operate under the Bologna reform, which ensures all students get a unified and internationally recognized degree such as bachelor’s, masters or PhD.

4. Numerous courses taught in English
Studying in Germany not only comes for free, but you can also do it in English if your German language skills are not so good. English is an international and widely spoken language, taught as a second language in the majority of schools around the world.

5. Study-Work Opportunity

As an international student you are allowed to work for 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. The amount may not exceed 20 hours per week.

6. Remaining in Germany after completing your studies
Finally, after completing your study in Germany, you’ll have the opportunity to stay on and seek work after you graduate. The law allows international graduates to stay for an additional 18 months to seek work, and you may even end up staying longer, if that is what you wish.

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